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This Is Not A Zen Circle

MARIO: My art has been heavily influenced by Zen philosophy and traditional Japanese arts. Making circles for twenty-some years may seem redundant (no pun intended) to some, but I feel no need to "move away." This self-examination and expression of what interests me seems to fulfill my needs as an artist and is constantly in flux. Perhaps the end result of this exploration hints at my personal process, or maybe not; after all, the viewer always brings his/her own perspective to their interaction with a work of art. If they invest the time, they will find something of interest; the art will reveal something about the artist, or maybe their own selves – either is good.

 Title:  This Is Not A Zen Circle
Year Created:  2012
Dimensions:  50”x 38” 
Medium:  Mixed Media On Paper

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  1. Robert Tso

    July 3, 2015

    Hi Mario!

    Thank you and Liz so much for coming down to visit Cecilia and me. I really enjoyed meeting you and your wife.

    This one grabbed me and made me think. I think it is provocative, because it is indeed a Zen circle, in spite of the text. I think it is designed to make one think, “Well, why isn’t it?” Hmm…is the artist purposely yanking my chain?

    I really enjoy your art.

    All the best,



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