About Mario Uribe

Why do I make art? Artistic expression is indispensable to an artist, maybe that's what makes us artists to begin with; for me, creating art is a way to document the moments, thoughts, feelings, and emotions of my life – my perspective. I make art that deals with things that concern me; some meaningful others quite banal, but it always, whether I want it to or not, reveals who I am. I try to make art that is honest and deals with the now. I make art about me and primarily for me.

My art has been heavily influenced by Zen philosophy and traditional Japanese arts. Making circles for twenty-some years may seem redundant (no pun intended) to some, but I feel no need to "move away." This self-examination and expression of what interests me seems to fulfill my needs as an artist and is constantly in flux. Perhaps the end result of this exploration hints at my personal process, or maybe not; after all, the viewer always brings his/her own perspective to their interaction with a work of art. If they invest the time, they will find something of interest; the art will reveal something about the artist, or maybe their own selves – either is good.

My works often combine re-arranged fragments of calligraphy, papers, and images that suggest layers of meaning and the weathered passage of time – a wabi-sabi aspect if you will – because those elements suit my concept of life. I either organize these components in traditional forms or disorganize them in a purposely-rough presentation: which is my effort at non-thinking, something I find essential to capturing the energy of the moment, and avoid a contrived end result; it's not so easy. I aim for artistic expression that will be the result of integrity instead of skillfulness, spontaneity instead of calculation, and exactness in place of perfection. These elements guide me and provide the self-knowledge I gain from the process.

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2009: Sonoma County Museum, Zen Circle Revisited, solo exhibit

2008: Artspace C Gallery, Solo exhibit, Jeju City, Korea

2003: Innovations in Printmaking, Sonoma Museum of Visual Arts

2002: A Good Impression: Century of Printmaking in San Diego

San Diego Museum of Fine Art, San Diego, California

1993: Circle for the World  Performance/Collaboration, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, Illinois

1992: War Memorial  Solo exhibit, David Zapf Gallery, San Diego, California

1981: Affiches Americaine Group invitational exhibit Galerie Artcurial, Paris, France


San Diego Museum of Fine Arts, San Diego, California

Laguna Beach Art Museum, Laguna Beach, California

Musee de L'Affiche, Paris, France

Musee des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France

Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts, Los Angeles, California

Amerika Haus, Berlin, Germany


"The Fan Game" - 45' x 150' mural, San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium, San Diego, California

"Spirit of San Diego" - 80' x 210' Mural, Ramada Downtown Hotel, San Diego, California

"Guardian of The Creek" - 13' x 6' sculpture, Prince Greenway Park, Santa Rosa, California

"Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Monument" - Santa Rosa, California

"Family" - 9' x 9' x 6' ferro-concrete and mosaic sculpture, Santa Rosa, California

"Sonoma Farm Workers Mural" - Elsie Allen High School Library, Santa Rosa, California


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